In Munich you can try all kinds of restaurants, so here is a list of restaurants and cafés that I would recommend. Some people prefer Berlin to Munich because they find Munich boring. Obviously, it all depends on your tastes because I think Munich, one of the best cities to live in Europe, has a lot to offer. Munchner Freiheit, the Maxvorstadt university area, Gartnerplatz and Werksviertel are the areas where Munich's inhabitants usually go for dinner or a drink.

Eating and drinking in Munich


Vegan breakfast at the Cat Café Katzentempel, there are plenty of vegan options in Munich.

  • German or Bavarian restaurants: Hofbrauhaus is Munich's best-known beer hall and it's worth going in just to see what it's like inside, even if the waiters are the rudest ever (it's located at Platzl 9); Steinheil 16, a rich and tiny Bavarian restaurant; and Andy's Krablergarten for Bavarian food and the famous schnitzel, where the steaks are huge and they probably have the largest variety in town (Thalkirchner Strasse 2). As a rule, all Bavarian restaurants serve the same thing. The most typical is a pork knuckle with a beer and a pretzel (I'm not thrilled). You can also order a typical Weisswurst, Kasespatzle or Kartoffelsalat. Don't forget to have a drink in a Biergarten (beer garden) if the weather is good.

Andy's Krablergarten probably offers the largest variety of schnitzel in Munich.

  • Mexican restaurants: La Fiesta (Schwanthalerstrasse 3) serves large quantities and is tasty without being too expensive; the Sausalitos franchise accumulates several restaurants in Munich, prices are inflated, but there's Happy Hour at a certain time of day and they have a very extensive cocktail menu and good music; Condesa, for a quick burrito or quesadilla (Munchner Freiheit 6); and Amigos Restaurante Mexicano on Dachauer Strasse 153.
  • Spanish restaurants: Bar Amistad - Tapas y Vino (Georgenstrasse 37); Iberotapas, specialising in paellas (Guideinstrasse 50); and Bodega Dalí (Tengstrasse 6).
  • Greek restaurants: Kalypso Restaurant (Agnesstrasse 8); Ionion, Greek takeaway (Augustenstrasse 90); and Der Griechische an der Schloss, for lunch after your visit to Nymphenburg Palace (Notburgastrasse 10, although it seems to be temporarily closed).
  • Italian restaurants: Lo Studente is one of my favourite restaurants in Munich, not only because it's cheap, but because it's always delicious and you get your fill (Schellingstrasse 30); L'Osteria is a chain of Italian restaurants that's quite good; Giorgia Trattoria is impressive for its décor (Weissenburgerstrasse 2); and Eataly (Blumenstrasse 4).

Niu Asian Café

  • Asian restaurants: Bindass is a delicious and beautiful Indian restaurant inside (Rumfordstrasse 5); the Slurp chain if you fancy ramen; Tenmaya, an open buffet of ¨running sushi¨ (Theresienstrasse 43); Ledu Happy Dumplings (Theresienstrasse 18); and the curry chain Bami House.
  • Turkish restaurants: Try the durum or kebab at the Turkitch chain, which is very tasty; Kartoffelkonig for a customised baked potato with vegan toppings and the best baklava in town (Theresienstrasse 122); and the Ali Bey restaurant (Schraudolphstrasse 44).

  • Vegan restaurants: The aforementioned Kartoffelkonig (Theresienstrasse 122) and Cat Café Katzentempel (Turkenstrasse 29) are strict vegan restaurants. Of course, I'm sure all the establishments mentioned in this post will have some vegan options on their menus.

Shadow Bean Café is a good place if you want cakes and cupcakes (I think it has been closed).

  • Cafés and similar: Visit Niu Asian Café for cakes and colourful juices that even glow (Sendlingerstrasse 7); the Cotidiano chain is perfect for brunch; Shadow Bean Café for good cupcakes and even afternoon games (Augustenstrasse 56); Café Jasmin for cakes and quiet chats (Steinheilstrasse 20); Café Lotti for an Instagrammable breakfast (Schleimer Strasse 13); Café Kosmos for cheap beers; SantoLoco Surf Café (Eisenmannstrasse 4) for a surf break; Café Gans am Wasser, by the water's edge and full of geese in the Westpark (Siegenburger Strasse 41); and Wonder Waffel for customisable, eye-catching waffles (Sendlinger Strasse 31). And try the ice creams from the BallaBeni chain!
  • Supermarkets: Kaufland is the best supermarket in Munich because you can find everything and it has many promotions, but there are only 3 of them in the city; Mittemeer is a supermarket that sells mainly Spanish products but also some Portuguese and Italian products; of course, in Munich you can find some supermarkets that are also in Spain: Lidl and Aldi; other supermarkets that you will find in every corner of the city but that I don't find so interesting are Rewe, Edeka and Netto.

And for partying in Munich:

Depending on the style of music you like, you will be more comfortable in one place or another. In my case, I'm more into Latin or English-language commercial music. My trick for finding the best parties is to follow my favourite Munich DJ "DJ Yenny" (it's best to check her Instagram @dj.yenny to keep up with her performances). The places where he usually plays are: Isarpost, Muffatwerk, Ruby Club (there are two rooms with different atmospheres) and 8 Below.

  • Bars or pubs with a Latin atmosphere: Buena Vista (where you can also dine and there are stand-up comedy shows) and Cohibar City (very small but good music).
  • Pinakothek der Moderne: It's neither a pub nor a discotheque, but a museum, the art gallery where during the week there is an event open to the public for salsa or bachata dancing on days when the weather is good.
  • Other places with different styles of music: Lucky Who, Rodman Bar or Don't Call Mama.
  • For billiards and table football: There is a lounge called Schelling-Salon where you can play billiards, table football and even table tennis. Also, near Munchner Freiheit is a pub called Barschwein where there is a table football.
  • Karaokes: In Munich there are a few pubs that take it in turns to offer karaoke to their customers on different days of the week. At Shamrock's karaoke is on Fridays (and they also host a "Quiz Night" session on Thursdays), at Kennedy's karaoke is on Saturdays, and Killian's Irish Pub is on Sundays, next to Frauenkirche.

Cat Café Katzentempel

Another way for me to find out about the plans available in Munich at weekends are the following tools:

  • Groups and the events section of Facebook.
  • Websites such as, and
  • Some Instagram accounts such as @geheimtippmuenchen, @mucbook and @miasanfoodies.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing a place to eat or have a bite to eat in Munich. I invite you to take a look at the article on 20 things to do in Munich and what to visit around Munich and Bavaria. Do you have a favourite restaurant or party place in Munich? I'll read you!